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What Is Warhammer?

Spectacular battles, extraordinary characters, limitless creativity! Warhammer encompasses a variety of tabletop games, miniatures, universes, and stories. There are loads of ways to enjoy Warhammer with something for everyone.

Ways to the Warhammer Hobby

With five keys to Warhammer – Collecting, Building, Painting, Playing, and Reading – how you choose to enjoy the hobby is up to you!

  • At the core of Warhammer are the highly detailed miniatures that represent the characters and warriors of its settings. How you form your collection is entirely up to you – muster an army for playing games, build and paint the miniatures you love, create a beautiful display, or something else entirely!


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This quiz will help you find your perfect starting point. Whether you want to build and paint a miniature, dive into a game, or sample Warhammer fiction, we’ve got you covered!


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Choose a setting to get started! Whether you fancy exploring a grim dark vision of the far future or fantastical planes of gods and monsters, there is a world of Warhammer for you.


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